June Favorites: Lipgloss, zit stickers and Big Little Lies

June, excuse me, where do you think you’re going?

I just realized; this means that the year is half over now!! It makes me feel panicky because time seems to be going so fast. Before I know it, I’ll be writing my June Favorites as an 84 year old woman. Except, there probably won’t even be blogs then. We will just transmit our content directly into other people’s brains. It has all the makings of a Black Mirror episode.

Well! Now that that Diet Coke fueled paragraph has been written, it’s time to talk June favorites, the beauty products and otherwise that I enjoyed over the last month.

Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots

Raise your hand if you tell yourself you’re not going to mess with a zit, only to find yourself in front of a mirror late at night, talking yourself off the ledge?

My hand is raised.

These hydrocolloid patches are like little clear stickers that not only prevent you from picking but absorb secretions into the patch itself. It sounds gross but it’s pretty gratifying honestly.

When I’ve messed with a zit I shouldn’t have, I put an acne spot dot on before bed and while the blemish might still be red in the morning, it’s totally flattened! I was amazed the first time I used them. I had my husband try them too and he agreed that they are legit.

You can cover color but not raised texture so these are a must to have on hand before a big event like a wedding, reunion, first date, what have you.

Fenty Gloss Bomb

I feel like everyone needs this rose gold gloss for summer. It’s beautiful on top of a nude lip color, to add extra dimension, or just on it’s own for a healthy, juicy look. I like love the jumbo doe foot applicator and the geometric tube.

It does have a scent, which is like bubblegum, or maybe tropical, and it’s really the only thing I don’t totally love about it. It’s not overpowering or detectable on though.

I have this in the original shade, Fenty Glow, but there are 2 others available, one more pink and the other opalescent.

Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara

I got a sample of this new mascara from Too Faced in a Sephora order and was excited to try it out. I, along with so many others, really love Too Faced Better Than Sex so I’m not quite sure what gap they are filling.

I always love a big, bushy hourglass brush like this as I have big eyes and find this makes application fast and efficient by grabbing every lash quickly. I see that some reviews mention the brush size being problematic for smaller and/or hooded eyes and I could see that.

The formula is really nice and what they describe as a “creamy mousse” containing “whipped melting waxes” which honestly, sounds delicious. For me, it wears well without smudges or flakes but I have dry skin, and no oily lid issues either.

Damn Girl gives great instant volume and really does make me yell, damn girl! when I see it on my lashes.

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Non-Beauty Favorites

Napping with

Sharper Image Weighted Blanket
Every time I use this during a nap, I sleep 2-3 hours, without waking once, in some of the deepest, most comatose-like sleep I’ve had in years. It’s almost scary. I’m a fan.

Listening to

Billie Eilish
I’m sure I’m quite late on this but better late than never to discover great music. I love Billie’s voice but the electronic, chopped and screwed nature of the tracks on her latest album just as much. I always say, if a song has video game sounds in it, I probably like it.


Big Little Lies
I am so glad I gave this show a shot because I’m really enjoying it. It’s a fun peek inside another’s world, the wealthy women of Monterrey, California’s world that is. Every episode seems to have some exciting bombshell and I’ve been most impressed with Nicole Kidman’s performances. If domestic abuse is triggering for you, I will warn you that the first season is something you may have trouble with.

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