The Magic Pads Review

If you like the idea of resurfacing your skintone, exfoliating, tightening pores and banishing breakouts and you have 30 seconds or less, well my boy and ladyfrandz, let’s talk.

A peel can help achieve all of these things for you but if the thought of applying a thin layer of product, letting it sit for 10-15 minutes then rinsing leaves you saying, “right, because I barely have time to brush my damn teeth before bed,” I have something you’re going to lurve me for.


Remember when I told you about these peel pads? Remember when I told you the price-$75-and you choked on your coffee wine and spit it out at your computer screen? Yeah. That’s $1.25 per pad, kids. While I do love them, at that price, I can honestly say I just can’t justify them.

Well, well, well. Seems the angels of skincare have descended upon my bathroom cabinet, singing songs of The Magic Pads!


These deliver the same results, for nearly a fourth of the cost of the Radical Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads! Instead of $1.25 per pad, these are 39 cents per pad and their ingredients are virtually the same. I know. I know! Don’t you just love when you find something cheaper that works just as well? It’s like you’re cheating the system or you hacked into the mainframe.


The Magic Pads contain some of my favorite ingredients when it comes to skincare–tried and true ingredients that are effective and not experimental: glycolic acid, willow bark, hyaluronic acid, aloe and vitamin E. I love especially love anything with willow bark as it’s long been one of the best tools for me to prevent and treat breakouts.

I don’t use my Clarisonic every night so when I wash my face traditionally, I follow up with a Magic Pad to get every last bit of residue and exfoliate.

I want you to try these if you have struggled with harsh pads like Stridex in the past that made your face sting and your breakouts no better. I want you to try these if you know you won’t commit to a weekly peel or facial but you want to start doing something. And I want you to try them if you’re lazy, like me, because wiping a little pad across your face is the least we can do!


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