Studio Gear True Whipped Stain Gloss Review

I never met a bold lip product I didn’t want to try so when I was asked to try the Studio Gear True Whipped Stain Glosses, I was down to clown. These are a new product from Studio Gear, a brand I’m somewhat familiar with but have never tried anything from. I tried all 5 shades of the Studio Gear True Whipped Stain Gloss and here’s what I thought!


The glosses come in boxes that are the same color as the gloss inside. Each gloss retails for $17 and can be purchased online or in select stores.


Pigment 10/10
There is no need to build up layers as the color is true to what you see in the tube, hence the name True Whipped Stain Gloss perhaps? All of the colors are true to their name and ultra-saturated. I like this a lot about them. Whatcha see is whatcha get!

Texture/Formula 8/10
The formula is a rich, whipped consistency that applies smoothly with the help of a slightly indented doe foot applicator. It doesn’t feel thick, dry or crumbly. These are truly what they say, a whipped gloss stain. They feel very comfortable on but do have a certain tackiness that doesn’t quite go away. The glosses contains castor oil and sunflower seed oil which I suspect lends them their more hydrating feel.
Wear 7/10
Due to it’s packaging, you may assume these are liquid lipsticks, with a matte finish and long-wearing lifespan. Not so. These wear like a satin finish lipstick with transferring issues. They do not bleed so you don’t need to use a lipliner unless you want to, but they never truly dry down therefore will get on straws, people’s cheek’s, your cat’s face, etc. I would have liked these to be a longer-wearing formula.
Value 8/10
These retail for $17 each which is a moderate price point and you definitely aren’t getting stiffed on pigment. I feel like they’d be more appropriately-priced at $12-$15 due to their packaging, size and wear.


L to R: True Fuchsia, True Pebble, True Burgundy, True Red, True Wine.

Saturated, true-to-tube pigment
Non-drying feel
No need for a lip liner
Blue-based shades like True Fuchsia and True Wine make teeth look whiter!

Short wear time
Lack of lighter shades
I expected these to have cupcake-like scents but instead they smell more like paint. I am glad that they don’t have an overpowering artificial fragrance but the chemical-like scent isn’t super fun either.

Do I recommend them?
Yes and no. If you want saturated, non-drying lip color, they are definitely that. If you are concerned with transferring and wear time, there are other options.

If you like what you see and decide to grab some for yourself, make sure to use code Wakeup16 to save 10% on your order!

Studio Gear True Whipped Stain Glosses were provided by Brandbacker. All opinions expressed are my own.

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