The Worst Beauty Products I Tried in 2018

I know some bloggers prefer to only tell you about the products they love. In a perfect world, I would enjoy every product I try, regardless of whether it was gifted to me or purchased with my own money. I have a healthy amount of both.

The truth is, and I have no room for anything but that here, I don’t love every product I try. Sometimes, rarely but sometimes, I hate something. We’re talking about the products that elicited rage in me.

These are the products that I couldn’t make work, as hard as I tried, and while I was using them, I was irrationally angry. Let’s get into the #WakeUpForMakeupWorsts

This one hurts my heart!

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water

This pains me and confuses me simultaneously. How on earth can the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops be the best self tanner I’ve tried while the Self Tanning Water is thee worst?

How Jules Von Hep?

I’m extra mad because I love Jules’ videos and tips on Instagram. I used half a bottle trying to make this work because I didn’t want to give up and disappoint Mr. Von Hep. Here’s why I could. not. deal.

  • Smells like burnt hair and so did my entire bathroom
  • Horribly uneven no matter how well I blended. Yes, I used a mitt.
  • A “water” is an odd formula for a self tanner that I don’t prefer
  • Orange color
  • Stained my legs so bad that get this-it stained my fitted bed sheet all the way through to the mattress pad!
Stila, I love you. But why you playin me and my lashes?!

Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara

I posted about how much I hated this on Instagram stories and several people told me it was their holy grail mascara so to each his/her own.

I hated it because it dumped so much damn product on my lashes that it was solid clumps and nightmares. I couldn’t even comb through it and ended up having to completely redo my eye makeup.


First of all, I cannot even handle how freaking adorable this doggie/deer is. CANNOT. My lashes look nothing like this with the Stila mascara, btw. I just wanted to use the gif because I love and want this dog.

Anyways, I love Stila so I feel personally victimized by this. In their defense, I got a mini so maybe that is why, but overall, I would never recommend this mascara.

I know; it’s so cute so how could it suck so bad?

Le Mini Macaron Le Maxi Deluxe Gel Manicure Set

This product receives the top award for the top worst product I tried in 2018. I need to make a little sash. I hated this so much for one main reason which you will find below.

The lamp does not cure gel polish. I repeat, it does not. I tried it with 3 different colors of the Le Mini Macaron polish and I didn’t stop there. I tried it with a more established gel polish brand, even using a base and top coat.

I had my mom try it, both with and without my supervision. The same thing kept happening. I don’t know if the lamp is too hot because the gel polish literally and infuriatingly slides off your nail.


Even when I thought I got a decent set, I would do a second coat and notice that the coat below wasn’t actually set at all and the top layer would crack, revealing wet polish below like some sort of cruel, gel polish lava cake.

I was going to say I’m sorry for the negative post, but you know what?! I’m not sorry I just saved you $111.00 US dollars!

Make sure you read about the stuff I loved too, ok?!

I know; you’re probably like, “why the widget? I don’t want to buy trash.” However, I am linking you in case you want to go read reviews and challenge me.

Thanks for reading. I love you, just not these products.

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