Trader Joe’s Skincare

These 3 Trader Joe’s skincare items can always be found in my shower. Not only are these products cruelty free, but affordable, effective and paraben free. For starters, Trader Joe’s is one of the most enjoyable places to shop. If you have one near you, you know what I mean. Everyone is friendly and nice, the samples are bomb and I always buy the item and their wine selection is totally impressive. I love looking at their flowers and plants, greeting cards and of course, the personal care section. Here you will find Trader Joe’s own brand of cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs and body butter. Nearly everything is a grand slam but these 3 have earned a permanent spot on my shower shelf. Let me tell you why you need them in your little red cart!trader-joes-skincare

Refresh Citrus Body Wash With a refreshing, real citrus scent and gentle formula, this is just an overall great body wash. It doesn’t smell too feminine either so dudes will enjoy it too.

All-In-One Facial Cleanser What more can I say about this that I haven’t already said? I’ve tried hundreds of facial cleansers and I have never found one I love as much as this. It’s gentle and effective and can be used to remove eye makeup too. It can do no wrong for me and I pray to Trader Joe himself that it never gets discontinued.

Moisturizing Cream Shave I’m not necessarily a mango fan but this smells lovely and is literally the perfect shave cream. It’s not a foam or gel, but more of a silicone-feeling lotion that makes your razor glide like a bobsled. I almost always get terrible razor burn and irritation after shaving but not with this! Your leggies and pitties need it.

Pick these up on your next visit too and you’ll thank me!


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