Clean, Cruelty Free Makeup products from Clove and Hallow

One of the fastest growing categories in the beauty space is green beauty, sometimes known as clean beauty. These products are usually distinguished more by what they don’t contain, more than what they do.

Clean beauty products are usually free of preservatives, dyes, harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. It can be more difficult for green brands to produce high pigment cosmetics and specific colors, especially if they are vegan as well. This seems to be steadily changing though with brands like Clove + Hallow.

Clove + Hallow was founded by makeup artist, Sarah Biggers. The products are free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance or flavors. The line is makeup-focused, though they do have a cleansing balm.

Some products were provided by Clove + Hallow as part of their affiliate program and some were purchased with my own money, at a discount.

Correct + Conceal

I’ve heard that it’s difficult to formulate a “clean” liquid concealer so I was most excited to try the Clove + Hallow Correct + Conceal concealer.

This creases very little as long as you don’t use too much, it’s highly pigmented, blends well and lays nice on the skin.

The shade 02 is a bit too light and not yellow enough for me, but it makes a great brightener for the under eye area.

If you’re in search of a clean liquid concealer, this is a really great one and I hope they continue to expand the shades with more diversity in undertones.

Lip Velvet

If you want a clean, green liquid lipstick that lasts a super long time, Clove + Hallow’s Lip Velvet is the one. It truly does. not. transfer. While it does wear away on the inside of the lips, that’s to be expected as that is, for lack of a better term, “wet tissue”. I’m sorry. That was the only area I had to touch up.

Sugar Plum is darker than I thought so it’s not the everyday wearable mauve I had hoped for, but on deeper skin tones than mine, it could be.

Clove + Hallow Lip Velvet in Fiesta

Fiesta is a gorgeous summery, orange red. If you like a blue-based red, you may not be a fan, but if you have a yellow undertone like me, this color is literal fire.

My only criticism of this would be that these can get a little chunky if you apply too many or too thick of a layer. As with most liquid lipsticks, it’s best to keep the layers thin.

Lip Glaze

I love glossy lips so I had to try Clove + Hallow’s Lip Glaze.
The formula is really nice, I like the click pen style brush applicator and the shade Angelic is a very pretty, bridal-esque pale pink.

I’ve been lining and filling in with the Milani Easyliner- Most Natural, then topping with this, and its super beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Clove + Hallow Lip Glaze in Angelic over Milani Easyliner in Most Natural

Pressed Mineral Foundation

I’m liquid/cream foundation all the way so I wasn’t expecting to love this regardless. I like the formula, and the coverage is decent but the shade P03 is far too neutral for me. I should mention, I have a light skin tone with a very yellow undertone so I understand that brands don’t typically cater to the extremes.


The line lacks a light, yellow undertone in the mineral foundation. If the shade were right, I’d like it quite a bit I think. Some mineral powders have made me itchy and this didn’t feel that way at all. It felt great on and seemed to last pretty well too!

If you’re more neutral (not super pink nor super yellow), prefer powder foundation and have been seeking out a cleaner, greener option, I think you should check this out.

Bronzing Powder in Cabo, Lip Velvet in Fiesta, Hydratint Blush Serum in Georgia

Bronzing Powder

I ordered the lightest shade, Cabo. I actually think it’s too light so if you’re very fair, and find that most bronzers are too dark for you, this might be a winner!

I love that it’s matte and like wearing it best on my eyes vs. my face. The texture is a bit dry feeling. I like other bronzers better.

Hydratint Blush Serum

I was super excited to try this because I looove a liquid blush. I was hoping this would be like Glossier Cloud Paint, with a slightly more whipped texture. Unfortunately, it’s not.

When I applied it over my foundation or tinted moisturizer, the texture did not play nicely. It picked up my foundation, instead of blending on top seamlessly.

I really like the color but the texture has blending issues for sure. I tried lightly tapping, not rubbing, like I do with Glossier Cloud Paint and it just didn’t work for me. Sad! I really, really wanted it to!

What I Love about Clove + Hallow

  • Packaging
  • Lip Velvet wear time
  • Concealer texture
  • Price point
  • Vegan + cruelty free

What I don’t

  • Limited yellow/warm undertones in complexion products
  • Hydratint blush formula was a disappointment
  • Bronzer feels dry

What I recommend most

If you’d like to try any of the products mentioned in this post, make sure to use code affiliate15 to save 15% off your first order.


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