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If you live at Target like me, you’re likely familiar with Pixi Beauty, a makeup and skincare line exclusive to the store. I’ve been impressed with many of the line’s offerings and being on their radar enough to receive products from them has truly been a dream come true. Their recent Pixi Pretties collection, collaborations with 4 beauty and lifestyle influencers box was hands-down, the most beautiful and exciting PR package I’ve received. I filmed it in this unboxing video, hoping to share some of the excitement of opening it with you.

I’ll be showing you all of the products in this post, telling you my honest thoughts on them as always. I just want to say how proud and excited for each of the influencers I am! I cannot imagine how their hearts burst when they see the products they’ve helped to create on the shelves of Target. So stoked for Aspyn, Maryam, Judy and Caroline!

Pixi & Aspyn Ovard Eye Accents Kit
Brow Tamer
I really like this for the brushed-up brows trend. It holds them in place without feeling crunchy or looking like dried glue. I recommend.

Lower Lash Mascara
While I love the concept of dedicated lower lash mascaras and the teensy weensy brush, this just didn’t work out great for me. Because the brush has no fibers to hold the mascara, it dumps too much onto my lower lashes and gets black on my waterline too. Just too messy. I do not recommend.

Glow-y Powder Highlighters, Cheek Powder
There are 3 powders in this trio, 2 highlighters and a shimmery blush. I was really excited about these but sadly they fell short for me. The Cheek Powder doesn’t have enough pigmentation for a blush, but too much color to be a highlighter. I liked using it as a “blush topper” to add some highlight to existing blushes but even so, the color isn’t great on me and the shimmer really enhances texture if you have noticeable pores like I do. Bummer. I don’t recommend for textured folk.The 2 highlight powders are really great shades but the finish is a bit chunky on me. Again, this could just be my skin which has more noticeable pores and peach fuzz than some, but they really aren’t flattering on me. I tried applying with a brush as well as my fingers and it was just no good either way. I really wanted to love them based on the shades! I don’t recommend for textured folk.

Shown above is the lighter of the 2 highlight powders, London Lustre. I would describe this as a pale ivory shimmer.

Above is the more golden/champagne highlight powder, Santorini Sunset.

Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse
I’ve never tried double cleansing until now and I’ve heard so many wonderful things about skincare guru Caroline Hirons. The Double Cleanse has cool ying yang packaging and clear labeling of what to use when. I love the feeling of the solid cleansing oil, which feels a lot like coconut oil. It does contain Capric Triglyceride which is derived from glycerin and coconut oil. It also has a new buzz worthy ingredient, Murumuru Seed Butter. The Cleansing Cream feels more like a cold cream or moisturizer. This is a format and method of cleansing that I do enjoy and look forward to using on heavy makeup days. I will say, I think the quality of your washcloth makes a big difference though. Because you are to wipe away the balm and cream after massaging in, if your cloth is scratchy, it’s just going to cause irritation which can lead to redness and inflammation. I need to bust out my baby wash cloths or perhaps check out these muslin cloths I’ve heard so much about. I am not yet used to this way of cleansing to form a final opinion yet but will say that I do recommend.

Pixi & It’s Judy Time Get the Look Its Eye Time Palette
This is the most impressive item in the Pixi Pretties collaboration collection by far. The shade selection, shadow textures and blend ability all feel very high quality and Judy should be hella proud. This palette really shines and would be a great addition to anyone’s collection or a basic to start with. I have been reaching for this a lot as it’s a comprehensive collection of mattes and shimmers, transition shades, highlights and lid colors.  I totally recommend.

Pixi & It’sJudyTime It’s Lip Time Palette
There is a nice range of shades here from beige nudes to peachy nudes to pink nudes to reds to berries. I would have liked to have seen a true hot pink and maybe a deeper purple. I think there should have been an included lip brush as not everyone wants to apply with their fingers. The formula isn’t super opaque or creamy so I actually prefer these as cream blushes. I find the average consumer, not makeup artists, actually don’t prefer their lip products in palette form. I think this could have been more successful as perhaps a lipstick set with half the colors. I don’t really recommend.

Pixi & Maryam Maquillage Strobe & Bronze Palette
I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not so much of a bronzer person. I just don’t use it daily so I don’t have strong opinions on it. There are both mid-tone highlighters and bronzers in this. The highlighters seem better than the Glow-y Powders above but the shades are too dark for me. I like that they included 2 matte bronzers but the shimmery one is odd to me and I’d use it more as an eyeshadow. I just won’t use this much because I’m not a big bronzer user and the highlighters are too dark but they might make nice eyeshadows. I don’t really recommend.Pixi By Petra Strobe & Sculpt Brush
This is an excellent, multi-purpose brush that Maryam knocked it out of the park with. I love the pointed end, not only for applying a chiseled contour but also for setting under eye concealer with powder, getting right up under the eyes. The more fanned out side is great for blending out contour, as well applying bronzer and blush. The bristles are soft and synthetic, making it great for both creams and powders. I totally recommend.Pixi by Petra Strobe & Sculpt Palette
Freaking finally, someone has gotten the drugstore contour powder right. For light and medium skin tones, the contour powder in the middle in the right column is dead on. It’s the perfect ashy taupe that looks realistic and sculpted. I don’t know why it’s taken so long for someone in the drugstore beauty space to get this right but Maryam did. There is also a lovely shimmery, peach blush in this palette that I enjoy quite a bit. The only oddball is the contour shade at the top. It has straight up silver glitter in it and I find that so odd. That being said, I recommend.

Overall, I think the collaborators and Pixi did a great job creating a comprehensive collection. If you could only get one item, I’d wholeheartedly recommend the Pixi & It’s Judy Time Get the Look Its Eye Time Palette.

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