Drugstore Alternatives

I have always maintained that I love both high-end and drugstore makeup. Each market contains products that both exceed and fall short of expectations. Some drugstore products work just as well, sometimes better, than their high end brand alter egos. However, many products prove that you truly do get what you pay for.

One of my favorite lunch hour activities/guilty pleasures used to be browsing Walgreens’ cosmetic section and trying out my new cheap thrills in the car before heading back to work. Does anyone else do that? Just me? Ok.

I hate to be a Debbie Downer and talk budgets and recessions here on my happy place makeup blog, but I need to keep it real. We all have to think about our spending habits but I don’t believe your appearance should suffer for it. In fact, did you know that cosmetic sales actually rise in times of a recession? You may not be able to splurge on a designer bag but a new lipstick can lift your spirits just as much, at a fraction of the price!

Here are a few drugstore alternatives I have found come pretty close to the pricier alternatives. And remember-whether you’re shopping at Walgreens or Sephora, it’s all about making the products work for you and creating a look you feel confident wearing. No one will see a brand name on your face-just your pretty smile and the finished look.
The high end products are on the left side and the drugstore alternatives are on the right. I will put the prices comparisons and where you can purchase the less-commonly-known products below the graphic. Thank you for reading my beautiful recessionistas!drugstorealtdrugstore-altBenefit Hoola-$28
NYC Smooth Skin in Sunny-$3

NARS lipgloss in Orgasm-$24
NYX Mega Shine lipgloss-$5

MAC Pro Longwear foundation-$30
Revlon Colorstay foundation-$13

Make Up Forever Aqua Creams-$23
Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows-$7 each

Benefit Sugarbomb blush-$28
Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Smooth Talker-$6 (sold exclusively at Wal-Mart)

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