High End Dupes: LimeLife by Alcone

If you’re like me, you like to save money and if you can spend less on something and get the same, perhaps better results, you’re way into it. I’ll be honest; my mom has called me a cheapskate and a tightwad on multiple occasions. I don’t mind though! I do spend my money carefully and I want the most for it.

The more I work with LimeLife by Alcone products, the more I realize their super solid affordable alternatives to high end versions. Here are a few of those that truly stack up and my honest opinion on both ends of the spectrum. Now, let’s throw down!vs. LimeLife by Alcone Perfect Eyeliner • $18
LimeLife savings: $2.00
Quantity: 0.19 oz. vs. 0.19 oz.

The winner: LimeLife
I love Kat Von D and her  and both it and the LimeLife liner make use of a brush tip applicator. When I compare the two though, I do notice that the LimeLife one glides on better for me and seems to last longer. It’s just a little easier for me to work with. The comes in black and brown and the LimeLife one only comes in black so that could be a consideration. vs. LimeLife by Alcone Perfect Blush in Possible • $22

LimeLife savings: $8.00
Quantity: 4.8 grams vs. 13 grams

The winner: LimeLife
has long been touted as the universal, looks-good-on everyone blush. When working at Sephora, we sold at least one everyday. However, I never agreed with the claim. On textured or mature skin, it’s far too shimmery. The texture of the blush seems to get hardened over time and I’ve just never been a huge fan. For $8.00 less, you can get a peachy pink shade that is still shimmery but not obnoxiously and best of all, over 2.5 times as much product for the price!
vs. LimeLife Perfect Mascara • $20

LimeLife savings: $3.00
Quantity: 0.38 oz. vs. 0.28 oz.

The winner: Smashbox.
Wait, wut? You sell LimeLife and you’re telling me to buy the other one? I have always loved  and didn’t realize it was a fiber mascara until recently. I like the LimeLife one a lot but Smashbox is more dramatic and for me, that’s what I’m after. Plus, you get a little more for the money.vs. LimeLife Perfect Pressed Powder • $22

LimeLife Savings: $15.00
Quantity: 6.2 grams vs. 13 grams

The winner: LimeLife
Good lort; the cost savings alone is staggering. So you’re telling me I should pay $15.00 more for less than half the product? GIRL BYE. I have had zero flashback issues with the LimeLife powder, it blurs pores really well and doesn’t create a ton of fallout. It doesn’t contain silica as MUFE does but it does contain talc which some may choose to avoid. MUFE tests on animals and LimeLife does not. This one was almost too easy. vs. LimeLife by Alcone Signature Lip Gloss in Wish • $18

LimeLife savings: $8.00

The winner: LimeLife
I’ve never been a fan of the formula. While they make some absolutely gorgeous shades, they feel very sticky to me and also have a funky smell that seems to get worse over time. They are priced high for a lip gloss, in my opinion. The LimeLife glosses smell sweet and pleasant, are not sticky and the new Wish color is a perfect milky pink dupe to NARS cult-favorite. vs. LimeLife by Alcone 10 Years Younger Finish Spray • $28

LimeLife savings: $3.00
Quantity: 4 oz. vs. 4 oz.

The winner: Both.
These are essentially the same. They are both made by Skindinavia, the ingredient list is identical and they both work awesome. If you want to save $3.00, of course you could choose LimeLife but if you’re beefing up your Ulta or Sephora reward points, then go with

If you were to purchase all LimeLife products vs. the high end ones here, you’d save an impressive $39.00 overall. With that, you could easily buy 1 or 2 more products! Having tried every item in this post, I think you would be very happy with either side of the spectrum and because I’m not a slimy direct sales dirtbag, I want you to buy the one you like best.


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  1. Tracy

    03/31/2018 at 10:32 PM

    I really appreciate the reviews and comparisons. I’m clueless about makeup but I have two friends that are Limelight reps. I want to support them but I don’t like to spend a lot of money on makeup unless it’s worth it. Thanks again!

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