What to buy or skip from Jason Wu Beauty new at Target

Next time you’re strolling the beauty aisles of Target, you might notice a chic new brand, Jason Wu Beauty. After 8+ years working in the beauty industry, I still love the hype and intrigue of a new brand, so of course I purchased a bunch of products to review for you.

I will start by saying that I am very impressed with Jason Wu. The 38 year old, Parsons educated, Taiwanese-Canadian designer designed Michelle Obama’s ivory silk chiffon inaugural ball gown in 2009, just 3 years after launching his own line. He has had multiple successful collaborations with brands like Target, Eloquii and Kohls.

For Jason Wu Beauty, he partnered with Bespoke Beauty Brands, the incubator started by NYX Cosmetics’ founder Toni Ko.

I’m going to keep the reviews themselves short because I go into much more detail in my Jason Wu Beauty first impressions review video found HERE.

Stay in Line Lip Liner-02, $9.99

Do I recommend it? No

Why? The color 02-First Date was just really unflattering on me. It’s not a bad product but for $10, I think there are better lip liners at the same price point with better shades.

Magic Matte Oil, $15.99

Do I recommend it? Yes

Why? I haven’t seen a product like this and it does feel kind of magical! I have dry skin but I bought this for male grooming needs in my kit. I think this will be perfect for male clients that need mattification without color added.

The Bush Brow Shaper Soap, $13.99

Do I recommend it? No

Why? This isn’t a soap and doesn’t give the effect I was envisioning. It offers no hold and is more of a soft wax.

Hot Fluff, $11.99

Do I recommend it? Yes

Why? I really like the velvet-like matte textures and shade range. The Hot Fluff sticks are easy to apply and blend out well. I really like both shades I bought. Eclair is a true coral and Jelly Roll is a beautiful plum.

Kindness for your Lips Lip Oil, $13.99

Do I recommend it? Yes

Why? This looks juicy on and feels hydrating on the lips. The scent is mild (fruity, maybe watermelon?) and I find it enjoyable to apply. What more could you want in a lip oil?

Wu-Prime Eyeshadow Primer, $11.99

Do I recommend it? No

Why? I was hoping this would be a great color correcting drugstore eye primer but it’s not. I got the second lightest shade-02, and it was basically white. Instead of blanking out my lids with a nice skin tone shade, it made them a weird greyish tone. It is also very thin and runny so seemed to pick up and accentuate any dryness on my lids.

Wearing all of the Jason Wu Beauty products mentioned in this post

Flora 9 Matte Agave Eyeshadow Palette, $14.99

Do I recommend it? Yes

Why? Matte shadows are notoriously tougher to do well and for a $15 matte eyeshadow palette, this is very impressive. The colors lean warm, making them flattering for all eye colors. The pigmentation is good, the formula has minimal fallout and it’s easy to use.

Overall, the Jason Wu Beauty line is just ok in my opinion. I liked and recommend the lip oil and the eyeshadow palette most. I hope this review has been helpful!

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