Life Changing Beauty Products

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I’m finally ready to reveal the beauty products that changed my life. *cue dramatic music*

All of these products have changed the way I feel about my skin, hair and facial features.

They’ve made me see myself in a better light and enjoy moments in my beauty routine just that much more. These beauty products remind me why I love hair, makeup and skincare routines. They distract us in a positive way, reinforce self care rituals and allow space for self appreciation.

It’s important to read until the end because you know why? There’s info about a giveaway and a thank you.


Sunday Riley Good Genes
This lactic acid based chemical exfoliant is one of the most impressive skincare products I’ve ever used. It has an instant gratification factor, giving you visibly smoother, brighter skin after the first night you use it. It’s definitely pricy, but in this case, worth it. Read the full review here.

Foreo LUNA Mini
I was a die-hard Clarisonic user until I met Foreo. I hated having to buy brush heads and charge it and this eliminated not only those hassles but gave me a better, gentler cleansing experience. Read the full review here.

Weleda Skin Food
This is such a wonderful, all purpose skincare product. I love it for being an ultra-hydrating sleeping mask but I also put it on my hands, elbows and feet to wake up with softer skin. It also doubles as non-shimmery highlight, a la Katie Jane HughesRead full review here.


Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden
Whether you’ve watched me do my own makeup, or have been a client in my makeup chair, every application starts with this. I love it because it not only primes lids for eyeshadow and ensures there is no creasing or fading but it neutralizes redness, veins, darkness and any other discoloration on the lid, allowing your shadow’s true colors to shine through.

Glossier Cloud Paint
Along with Boy Brow, Cloud Paints are the best of Glossier, without a doubt. They can be mixed and applied to not only cheeks but lids and lips. They are unlike any other blush with their liquid, watercolor-like consistency and I sincerely enjoy using them and applying them. Read review here.

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products
I haven’t found any other brand that understands authentic brow shade range the way ABH does. I genuinely love every product in the line and really appreciate the shade consistency across formulas. If you’re Soft Brown in Brow Wiz, you’d be Soft Brown in the Dipbrow too, for example. See them in action in this post.


Verb Ghost Oil
I’ll be honest; I don’t get as excited about hair products as I do about makeup and skincare. However! The first time I tried Verb Ghost Oil, I was blown away. When applied before blow drying, it gives my hair a beautiful, reflective shine and creates hair that looks so healthy that you would think it’s fake. Read review here.

Wet Brush
You got thick hair and a lot of it? You got hair, just in general? This is what you want for brushing through wet hair straight out of the shower, easily and pain free. I love the original and the Speed Dry is also a must have because it truly does speed up my blow dry and smooth my hair. Read review here.

Ok, so check out it out. I am giving away these 6 favorites because I’ve been waking up for makeup for 6 years now, and maybe you have too. Whether you’ve been with me from the beginning in October of 2012 or just hopped on the W4M train, I truly can’t thank you enough. I know that giving away these 6 products could never properly thank you for sticking with me but I can promise you a few things.

  • I’ll always do as many giveaways as I can.
  • You will always know when a product has been sent to me for review.
  • While I’ve been paid to create content, I’ve never been paid for a positive review. I never will be.
  • If I ever change my mind about my product, I’ll go back and update the review.
  • I am committed to only promoting cruelty-free brands. I made that decision a few years into my blog and it won’t change.
  • I will answer as many of your questions as I can. I try to keep up the best I can while working full-time as a makeup artist.
  • I appreciate you being here so much. Thank you, seriously.

If you’re interested, please enter the giveaway and thank you again for being here.💗

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  • I think you presented at a Junior League event and I started following you after that… then I ran with you briefly (I think you were training for the Des Moines half?) and then you did my make up for my wedding!

  • I enjoy your blog. I learned about it when you blogged for Root. I love their makeup and I appreciate your tips!

  • Hi Ivy, love your blog. Have been reading it for quite awhile but not sure when I started or how I found you 🙁 Thank you for the generous giveaway. I have been wanting to try all those products.

  • As always, love what you share and I’m over here pinning and adding to cart 🙂 Great xmas ideas too for the ladies in my life!!

  • I’ve been a long time follower and cannot remember exactly how I came across you, but I’m going to say I think a blogger I used to read daily mentioned you and that’s how this journey began YEARS ago! 😂

  • Thanks, Ivy. Great read. I found your blog through your personal FB a few years back when you did my makeup and I creeped ya. I really enjoy reading your stuff. Tbh, you save me a ton of money! You’re always very well written and I appreciate what you stand for. Your boundaries make you a trustworthy and reputable source. Thanks!!

  • Been following you since you gave a presentation at a social media class in Kansas City years ago! We loved having you do classes for Trixies and we still recommend you as a traveling makeup artist when we can’t accomodate. Thank you for your content and keep the laughs coming! Happy birthday 🎁

  • Hi Ivy, always enjoy any little tidbits of products out there that can improve the beauty routine. Especially nice to know you’ve personally tried these products yourself. I trust your opinion and always look forward to reading your posts/blogs. Thanks for the info. Gina

  • Happy Birthday Ivy!! I think you are amazing and I am so happy that I got to meet you and work with you a bit! I trust your recommendations 110%!!

  • I found your blog a really long time ago, so I don’t remember how, probably through other similar blogs.

  • I originally found your blog when you were one of the finalists for the Allure Beauty Bloggers challenge!

  • I’ve just recently stumbled across your blog and enjoy every post! I love how your reviews are always honest. It’s really good to be true to yourself!

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